New Enquiry - EPDM Fleece backed membrane

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We have been approached by a Midlands manufacturers who currently purchase an EPDM Fleece backed membrane from a distributer in this country, the manufacturer of the material is American. Currently they are the only manufacturer of this material in a size which suits our needs which is 3metres wide and in rolls of 15metres.

They have been attempting for some time to re-shore this product as there are ready supplies of EPDM in the roll sizes they require and the fleece is also readily available. The company believe the method used to glue the two materials together is hot melt adhesive of some sort, although they doubt that is the only medium which could be used.

They are trying to find a method of attaching the two materials and of course a company who can apply the method.

If you help with the enquiry or know a company who could, please email [email protected]